miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

This is not my name

Elle is not my name, but I think I need a refreshment of my life, and this is what this blog is all about. I think that, by changing my name to my inicials (LG), and just seeing it written in another way, will make me feel different; Or at least I hope so.

My name is Laura and I'm a young mother (28) of two. Mathias (6) and Sophie (6) who are -at this moment- far away from me.

Let me explain.

I did this crazy trip to Europe (I'm still here until the 25th) and left them with my parents for nearly 3 months. Yes, it seems crazy, but you know, after being in my own skin for so long, I thought I made the right choice looking for the American Dream in the Europe version.

Fact is, I bumped into a very high wall. And the worst, I realized how bad it makes me feel being far away from home, from my babies. And I know they miss me too.

I still think I can find a better way of living here, but never again away from them. I wanna be a better mother from now on. This is why I do this. I need to proof myself I can be a better parent and live life as I imagined to too.

I hope this can inspire you to get on your own feet if you're in a similar situation, and if you're not, it's always better to learn from others' mistakes.

This is as far as I go for an intro. I'll leave you with a pic of the family from a few years back.

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